Hull Structure

Premium material, strong structure, and quality construction are three foundations in building a boat with real strength.

To reach this ultimate goal, Morningstar boats have adopted a revolutionary simple but strong hull structure, premium 5083 aluminum alloy, advanced forming technology and robot welding during construction.


Revolutionary Hull Structure


Different from conventional pressed or plate alloy boats, Morningstar boats adopt a 3D formed single-plate bottom, single plate sides which incorporate gunwales, and patented Origrid stiffener system. Fewer parts means less welding and fewer weak links in the structure.

Deduction is the code in reengineering Morningstar’s hull structure, but there is one exception, the forefoot. The forefoot is the part that usually encounters the most impact.

Morningstar boats have a double-plated forefoot. A 4mmthick 5083 alloy formed forefoot shield is fully welded over the 3mm single-plate bottom. The 4mm shield acts not only like a bumper but also an extra structure reinforcing strength at the bow.