Morningstar 460 Angler

Morningstar has set out to design an aluminum plate boat with the soft ride and sleek appearance of fiberglass.

Major advances in boat hull design don’t come along very often. The launch of Morningstar’s M460 Angler may well change that and, in doing so, turn aluminium boat design on its head. It may also throw a spanner in the works of the old “’glass vs aluminium” debate.

Morningstar has designed this aluminium plate boat with the appearance and soft riding characteristics of fibreglass. According to Morningstar’s Ian Wang, the company underwent a five-year design process before unveiling the boat late last year.

Wang employed the services of a Sydney-based shipwright to design the boat and took the manufacturing process to Taiwan. The facility in Taiwan is key to the boat’s high quality build and unique design. The Taiwan factory is an established car making facility with state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing processes. The result is a boat with consistently strong and clean welds and tough construction.


What’s the difference?

Morningstar boats are constructed with a single piece aluminium hull bottom. There’s no join at the keel and overall the shape is reminiscent of a ’glass hull with a variable deadrise starting at 18 degrees. Strakes and a decent reverse chine ensure the boat holds during turns and pops onto the plane easily.

Wang says the one piece design eliminates the standard keel design and sharp entry associated with many modern tinnies. The Morningstar’s one-piece design allows it the freedom to shape an efficient hull for a smooth ride and good stability.


08 May 2014