Rooftop Models – 320 / 340 / 380 / 410
Boat Length
3.20m - 4.10m
Hull Beam
Hull Height
Hull Weight
66kg - 90kg
Max Load
Max Person
Outboard Engine
Recommended OB
15 HP
Fuel Tank

Rooftop Models – 320 / 340 / 380 / 410



Morningstar boats offer a revolutionary experience when it comes to – construction – appearance – & performance in the world wide aluminium market.


The question is – what makes Morningstar plate alloy boats superior?


The answer is in the design, the construction process, & the quality of the aluminium used in build process.  The hull was designed by an Australian Naval Architect & incorporates a sleek slender bow entry with a substantial reverse chine that is a trade mark of the fibreglass hull.


The entire hull including the 6mm internal keel, support frames & deck structure are made from 5083 aluminium, the highest marine grade alloy. It is supplied by Alco from the USA. This highest quality material is used worldwide by many military & commercial companies who strive for quality resilience & flexibility in their vessels.


Many similar sized alloy boats on the market today tend to use 5052 grade alloy. It is easier to form but gives 33% less tensile & yield strength. This can lead to permanent deformation, irregular stretching & a weaker structure which is reflected by the noise & vibration that will occur in rough sea conditions.


5083 aluminium also has excellent welding properties as confirmed by ESAB, a major manufacturer of welding equipment.  5083 loses only 7% of its basic tensile strength in the welding process.  5052 will lose up to 36% of its initial strength.

This tensile strength is improved by precise & efficient robot welding. It reduces human error & insures the highest quality workmanship with every hull.


With over 40 years of experience in metal forming Morningstar has committed a substantial financial investment to produce this exceptional hull.  Highest quality aluminium & tensile strength are key factors in our unique four piece hull construction.


Using a thousand tonne press on a specially designed dye, Morningstar has adapted automobile technology to press & stretch the 5083 alloy into the “Hydro Hull”, a unique, functional structure that looks & performs like fibreglass – and more.


The “Hydro Hull” sets us apart from the mainstream alloy boat industry.

Traditional alloy boats use a basic frame structure of horizontal & vertical “C” & box section frame for their support structure.  Morningstar’s advanced technology allows us to press a sophisticated & stylish design into a previously rigid alloy medium.


The three piece structure consisting of the sides & bottom pressing are robot welded to create a very strong outer shell – an “Exoskeleton”.  This “unibody” concept is also used in high end sports cars, aeroplanes & bicycle technology.


The “Origrid” deck structure, inspired by the art of Origami, provides the internal structural integrity. Incorporating the 6mm internal keel, the backbone of the deck structure, the Hydro Hull skeleton is cemented in place with the welding of the Origrid deck frame.  Precisely cut foam flotation blocks are pressed into the deck frame cavities to provide sound proofing for the one piece bottom sheet. This also complies with the flotation regulations.


Morningstar’s rigid exoskeleton shell & Origrid deck structure combine together to form the Hydro Hull. We have effectively decreased the dependency on alloy internal framework. Substantially less welding is involved & the end result is a sleek & sophisticated, lighter, stronger, quieter & incredibly more efficient hull.


Morningstar have converted an aluminium medium into a fibreglass reality.