MorningStar Bay Fisher Pro
Boat Length
4.6 M
Hull Beam
2.0 M
Hull Height
0.98 M(midship)
Hull Weight
386 KG
Max Load
755 KG
Max Person
5(450 KG)
Outboard Engine
40-90 HP
Recommended OB
60 HP
Fuel Tank
60 L

MorningStar Bay Fisher Pro

The MorningStar Bay Fisher A Pro is a versatile version of the Sea
Angler 460AC (aka the Bay Fisher J), a model specialized for the
deliberate Japanese. Keeping features such as the weather tight aluminum
floor, spacey front deck, and box skipper seat on the J model, Bay Fisher
A Pro has some lovely add-ons that you may have on your wish list.
The first add-on is an anchor locker. The anchor locker is designed to fit a
sand pick anchor of up to 10lb(4.5kg). The second add-ons are two side
pockets on either sides. The side pockets are long enough to store paddles.
A 20L live bait well is another thing you will want. A transparent lid allows
you to watch your bait; its higher location makes access of live bait easy.

The foldable aft bench not only provides extra seating, but also
as back up safety gear. Under the detachable cover is an EVA foam, a
flotation material for life jackets. If necessary, you can remove the cover
in seconds and have the flotation foam ready to use.